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GRE Vietnam 


As part of our vision to provide world class manufacturing services at cost competitive and strategic locations, we established our first Vietnam factory in 2013 (ISO 9001, ISO10004 certified).

Our factory is strategically located in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) in Binh Duong Province, only ~20 km away (~40 min by car) away from Ho Chi Minh City. Our factory is situated alongside 700+ manufacturing companies from around the world, with established transportation, logistics and supply-chain infrastructure.


In 2018, we undertook a major expansion project to create 120,000+ sq ft. of production space by Q1 2019.  The expanded factory will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide plastic injection, SMT, PCBA, tooling, testing, packaging and transformer winding services. We will offer an expanded range of turn key electronics and electro-mechanical assembly services.

Strategic advantages

1.  Near-term ("Made-in-China") tariff avoidance

As US import tariffs on Chinese goods begin to affect a wide range of industries, many companies are seeking partial or full relocation of origin-conferring operations away from China. 

Our Vietnam location can support near-term relocation and ramp-up of full or sub-assembly processes  to avoid import tariffs - without sacrificing quality. Our team has practical experience supporting clients with trade compliance, tariff impact analysis and relocation planning, with a focus on speed and quality. 

2.  Long-term labor cost savings 

Vietnam has a young, sizable working population and relatively competitive wages. Manufacturing from our Vietnam location offers long-term strategic cost advantages from the labor-cost differential.

3.  Manufacturing site diversification 

We offer the option to manufacture from both our Vietnam and China locations - whichever is most strategic. This added level of diversification helps clients hedge against geo-political risks and lower their total cost of ownership

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