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Magnetic Component Assembly

Magnetic and transformer products were one of the original products made since inception in 1989. GRE production facilities are equipped with automated equipment to ensure high quality production of a wide variety of magnetic components such as transformers, chokes and coils. Our team of power electronics engineers and transformer engineers will aid you in providing expert services in design, production and assembly of various magnetic components for use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Automated Coil Winding  

  • Core Construction

  • Core and Coil Assembly

  • Vacuum Varnishing/ Coating

  • Automated Potting/ Resin System

  • Baking

  • Lead wire Assembly

  • High Pot test

  • Winding Ratio Testing

  • Inductance Testing

  • Burn-in

Magnetic products
  • Switch-mode Transformer

  • Linear-mode Transformer

  • High Frequency Transformer

  • Choke Coil

  • Toroidal Choke Coil

  • Clutches

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