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Full Turnkey Products

GRE offers full service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) including fully assembled, tested, and retail packaged (when required) turnkey electronic products at our our ISO 9001, 14000 and 13485 certified facilities. We are cost effective using both our China and Vietnam facilities and vertically integrated by assembling our own electromagnetic components, molding plastics, metal stamping, printed circuit board assembling, and full product assembly and testing of the highest quality utilizing our 30+ years of experience.

Examples from our product portfolio include: power supplies, LED drivers and dimming modules, motors, medical devices, hunting accessories, electric fencing control, electronic pest control devices, lawn and garden power tools, gaming consoles, smart phone car chargers and accessories, Internet of Things (IoT) smart home devices and wearables.

Product Categories

  • Electronic pest control devices (electronics pest chasers)

  • Electronic fencing devices and energizers

  • Lawn and garden power tools (cordless rechargeable grass shears, trimmers, pole saws)

  • PC, smartphone, tablet accessories (docking stations, chargers)

  • Smart home products (Zigbee/ BLE Wireless Lighting Control and LED dimming modules)

  • Power Management products (Power Supplies, Surge Protectors, Inverters, AC/DC Adapters, Chargers, LED Drivers)

  • Medical Devices (Pulsed Galvanic  Stimulators, Electronic and, electromechanical parts for Blood Purification device, Ear wax removal device, power supplies)

  • Motors (DC Motors, Brushless Motors, Clutches, Stator Assembly, Motor Drive)

Industries Served

  • Automotive Electronics

  • IoT Consumer Electronics

  • Fitness / Consumer grade wearables

  • Lighting Control

  • Electronic Pest Control

  • Lawn and Garden Tools

  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet Accessories

  • Medical

  • Power Management 

  • Telecom

  • Renewable Energy 

  • Computer Accessories

  • Office Equipment

  • Home Appliance 

  • Industrial Automation 

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