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With decades of experience in tooling, GRE’s tooling capabilities will enable faster time to market, while ensuring quality and cost. Our in-house team of tooling workshop engineers can work with you to ensure your plastic parts are produced to specification efficiently and cost effectively.

Tooling capabiilties
  • In-house plastic injection tooling mold capabilities: 240 molds a year.

  • Mold Size:  120*120mm to 600*700mm

  • Common mold materials used: ASSAB, Daido, etc.

  • Accessories: DME, Yudo, etc.


  • Mold Flow Analysis

  • Milling Machine (Finishing)

  • Milling Machine (Manual)

  • Rough Machine Milling

  • Grinding Machine

  • Tuning (Manual)

  • Super drill

  • Drilling machine

  • High speed wire cut

  • Wire cut (finishing)

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